#did you know that every constellation in the sky is just the universe’s frail attempt at replicating the perfection of lucy liu’s freckles


was trying to draw some elementary art for capaow and ended up with knight joan.



nyota as captain and carol as first/science officer, credit for the idea to captainsulus

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Elementary High School AU, contd.

“If you’re asking if we had sex then the answer is yes, obviously.”


amok time is classic


so what i’m getting from my dashboard is that zachary quinto and chris pine skipped the dramatic love affair and hollywood marriage and honeymoon periods and moved straight to being old married grandpas together, complete with combovers and Mr. Rogers sweaters and fierce scrabble competitions and reminiscences over scrapbooks.

karlurbaninternational | loulovesjt2608:

“I get slapped — Quinto slaps me every time I do [the Vulcan salute]. *slaps own hand to demonstrate* ‘No! Not allowed!’ It’s his thing. Can’t — it’s his thing.”

— Karl Urban (2009)


#i feel at one with zachary quinto   #withholding to the point where cpine questioned his self worth during every single joint 2009 press tour interview   #slapping karl urban when he’s being embarrassing   #(always)   #patently refusing to do the vulcan salute for any interviewer on demand   #projecting an air that says people can be divided up into two groups: lessers and leonard nimoy   #i get that


Shot for shot, we think Dule Hill wins.