have you ever thought about how Spock is a person trying to be a machine and Data is a machine trying to be a person because I seem unable to stop

They actually address this in TNG’s “Unification”:

Spock: Fascinating. You have an efficient intellect, superior physical skills and no emotional impediments. There are Vulcans who aspire all their lives to achieve what you’ve been given by design.
Data: You are half human.
Spock: Yes.
Data: Yet you have chosen a Vulcan way of life.
Spock: I have.
Data: In effect, you have abandoned what I have sought all my life.



If you look real close, you can see the tiny little heart tattoo on Karl Urban’s ring finger. It’s his wedding “band” — he said he was too poor to buy a ring when he & his wife got married.



#The moment when Sam and Dean’s love saved the world

#this is his last free breath #his last one #that won’t taste like fire and brimstone and sulphur and burnt flesh and pain #he’s going to jump into untold horrors #he’s going to be defiled and broken down and dehumanised #and all he can think about is his brother #the only thing he can look at is his brother #one last look #one last breath #and then he’s gone #the boy with demon blood #the abomination #the freak #he saves the world #oh god #all these feels #*weeps*


If I’m in heaven… where’s Sam?

A Softer World: Supernatural

Awake your soul.