JEFF EASTIN: This, right here—you know, coming up… One of the best moments in the series, I think. I gotta ask you, Tim. Right here… This hand on the hair, here, was that just in the moment? ‘Cause that’s—right there—that’s one of my favorites.
TIM DEKAY: Yeah, that was just in the moment.

White Collar 1x10; Vital Signs [audio commentary]

Anonymous: oh man, remember white collar and supernatural? i used to love that shit so hard. so hard. i'm feeling nostalgic.

one of these i continue to remember quite fondly and may eventually try watching again to finish the series

the other has left me with so much lingering resentment and bitterness over how thoroughly it all went to shit that i can’t even begin to describe the ruined wasteland it has made of a certain corner of my heart that will forever be devoted to what it used to be (and even worse, what could have been)

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Anonymous: zomg you used to like white collar asdfdgfhjkjhegfdsghjjkj


oh man, “like” is a huge understatement. i was ALL ABOUT white collar ever since the pilot, and the show was a shining beacon of joy in my life for several years. but i stopped around S4 when it became clear they were just going to keep recycling the same character arc for neal (death of a loved one + mysterious object to track down + contrived reason(s) to lie to peter). alas, it never really recovered from the enormous anticlimax that was neal’s revealed backstory for me.

i still think of it fondly, though! and maybe someday i’ll catch up if i hear it got good again. it was a very amicable breakup, unlike some other shows i used to love.

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[White Collar season 4 gag reel]

If you’re gonna do something, do it right.

I thought I’d never see you again.