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Anonymous: zomg you used to like white collar asdfdgfhjkjhegfdsghjjkj


oh man, “like” is a huge understatement. i was ALL ABOUT white collar ever since the pilot, and the show was a shining beacon of joy in my life for several years. but i stopped around S4 when it became clear they were just going to keep recycling the same character arc for neal (death of a loved one + mysterious object to track down + contrived reason(s) to lie to peter). alas, it never really recovered from the enormous anticlimax that was neal’s revealed backstory for me.

i still think of it fondly, though! and maybe someday i’ll catch up if i hear it got good again. it was a very amicable breakup, unlike some other shows i used to love.

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[White Collar season 4 gag reel]

If you’re gonna do something, do it right.

I thought I’d never see you again.

Getting Snuggly with Matt & Tim []

Ten Favorite WC Cons or Cases (in no particular order)
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