Here’s something that Matt and I have talked about before – our dream episode is where Neal and Peter get stuck in an elevator, and all they have is, I dont know, possibly a board game somehow – the writers are brilliant that way; they can create anything they want - and they are just stuck in the elevator for the entire episode. I think it would give us potential for some great dialogue.

- Tim Dekay (source)

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People’s Choice Awards 2012 

Dear Matty DeKay and Tim Bomer


I cannot deal with your level of adorable right now. I really, really can’t. So, seriously. Stop it. I have to go to work tomorrow. My alarm goes off in seven hours, and this gets thrown at me. 

TVLINE | Can you see Neal’s life without Peter?
BOMER | No. No, I can’t. Not [at least] on some level. I don’t know if it’s prison bars between them and they talk on the phone. Or if they’re, like, having a martini at a country club. Or if it’s on a burner phone from Paris, and he’s at the FBI office. I hope we never know, you know what I mean? I hope the show ends with us never knowing.

TVLINE | Was Matt well-behaved during the episode you directed?
DEKAY | Not at all. [Smiles] In fact there were times –
BOMER | I was seven-and-a-half hours late one day, but I’m telling you –
DEKAY | “Where is my star?!”
BOMER | I was sick as a dog.
DEKAY | “Mr. DeKay, Mr. Caffrey won’t come out of his trailer until you go to him.”

DEKAY | My fantasy is that there is an episode – we touched on it [when] he had played “Peter Burke” – where Neal really has to be Peter and sell it in a domestic way. We see him in the house with Elizabeth and that really has to be sold.
BOMER | Oh my God. Awesome. And Neal would totally be having a ball with it, of course! He’d be like, “Listen, this is just what we have to do. We’ve got to commit to these characters, and we’re going to sell it.”
DEKAY | Maybe something happens? I’m not saying that Elizabeth cheats, but there’s a moment where they both…. It just takes them by surprise.
BOMER | Hands will wander!


  Coffee with Tim & Bomer. We are ready for season 4!

WHITE COLLAR: "Checkmate" Mid-Season Premiere Advance Review


Rejoice, White Collar fans! We finally made it! There’s only one week left before our favorite cop-and-robber duo returns, with an action-packed premiere full of drama and unexpected twists.

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