There’s an endless road to be discovered
Oh, if the sky comes falling down


just let it go, brother.

bangssmccoy: #ok so just the one show #but we don't speak of it here //would it be way to intrusive for me to ask what that one show is? You totally dont have to answer. But i've got a show like that too and i'm just wondering if it's the same one. There are shows that I've amicably broken up with and then theres.... /the/ /show/ >_>

nooo it’s not intrusive at all!! i rly don’t think it’s a secret what show i’m talking about. but here’s a hint:

it starts with “super”

and ends with “i can’t believe i gave you the best years of my life you’ve ruined me for all other fandoms you wasted all your potential and actively destroyed every single shred of goodness you used to have i hate you so much i hate that i can’t hate all of you i hate that there’s a tiny part of my heart that will always cling to what you used to be i hate that i can’t listen to certain songs without crying because of you and i’m filled with gutwrenching agonizing seething bitterness when i think about how it all went so fucking wrong fUCK YOU”

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Happy Fourth of July!


It all started when I lost my mother.
No love for myself & no love for another.

screencap meme | sam winchester + faceless (asked by samsubchester)

Feels like a lifetime you’ve been on the road [x]