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Anonymous: Wanna talk about dignity? I farted in my doctoral defense. Right after a super serious question from a committee member. A wet juicy squeaky fart that echoed around the front of the room. My friends have called me Dr. Fart since. I was once introduced at a conference that way accidentally. People I don't even know have met me, widened their eyes, & said, oh, you're Dr. Fart. I'm a legend they tell at my grad school about a grad student who farted at their defense. NO DIGNITY EVER AGAIN.




the Almost Human gag reel is a gift to humanity and makes me weep for the show we could have had

I wish I knew how to gif because Michael Ealy does this jaunty little kickstep towards the end and it’s hilarious



flower language has always been an intense source of disappointment for me

like, they all mean really generic things like “love” or “forever” or “i’m sorry” 

i thought you could combine flowers

like you could just send someone a bouquet and from the combination of hibiscus and posies and tulips they’d understand “the rebel leader is dead, rendezvous at the docks at 8, bring the dog, you will need lighter fluid and  a large tomato”

I really hope no one’s answered this for you yet, I saw this and got so excited that my obscure knowledge base might come into use.  I had to stretch a few flowers so to speak but Victorian flower language allows for alteration in meaning depending on colour, fruit, flower, bud, steam, leaves and thorns, so I didn’t feel I was too far out of line.  This message would work best as two bouquets bound together.  First red Nasturtium with no leaves (red denotes a leader, the nasturtium a patriot) mixed with white or red Mask Flowers (rebellion, red if you want to emphasize fighting, white martyrdom) around Cypress (death).  Then Chick weed (rendezvous) and Blue Convolvulus (night) surrounded by eight White Popular Leaves (symbolises the time: eight), Yellow Iris (flame, and a flower that grows by rivers) and Yellow Prarie Dock Flowers (this was closest I could find to docks)and one large Tomato Leaf, all bound in Dogwood Bark.  Dogwood represents deceit, but as far as I could find the bark wasn’t used symbolically, and as you referred to the dog instead of a dog, I thought it was likely the pun should be a dead giveaway.  

So there’s your rebel message!

Favourite Characters - Rei Ryugazaki (Free!)



*squints at suspiciously*
I don’t think this was made for fingers



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