DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION (unofficial ost)

[ tracklist ] // a compilation of all the music released for dragon age: inquisition so far, mostly taken from trailers and gameplay demos.

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Credits Song

No Death In Love - Tina Grace, Nitin Sawhney

Hiphopopotamus Vs. Rhymenocerous (Featuring Rhymenocerous And The Hiphopapoatumus)
Flight Of The Conchords


Listen to me.

Menu Theme
Nitin Sawhney


Main Menu Theme


A masterpost for each Music of Thedas fanmix I made.

Antiva: The leather on your skin is as soft as butter, and the wine in your cup is the best one can find in all of Thedas. The bartender is whispering sweet nothings to a woman beside you, while she caresses his waist… Or is she picking his pocket? As you look down at the bar, a crude carving of a crow stares back at you as a warning.

Welcome to Antiva.

Orlais: You’ve managed to get yourself into one of the most extravagant parties you’ve ever seen - though you’re told parties like this happen all the time here in Orlais. As you look around the room, you’re met with hundreds of masked nobles and great murals that span the walls and even the ceiling. There’s even an orchestra, despite there being a group of bards nearby. Everyone raises their glasses, thanking the Empress for her kind and generous rule.

Elvhenan: “Before the fall of Arlathan, even before Arlathan itself, the civilization of the elves stretched across all of Thedas like a great, indolent cat.”

A great many ruins can be found in Thedas that show the greatness that Elves once were. You sit on a collapsed column, overrun by the forest, and try to imagine what the place was like back then. Surely they danced. You know for a fact they frolicked through the forest. When you finally catch your breath, you decide to do some frolicking yourself.

Par Vollen: The only way you’ll ever see the shores of Par Vollen is if you’re born there. The mysterious isle across the Northern Passage is home to the vast Qunari, and they don’t take kindly to outsiders. Despite their harsh exteriors, they are always pleased to help a wondering soul find their place within the Qun. What will your role be?

Ferelden: The smell of wet dog fills your nose, and the crisp air bites at your fingers as you walk through muddy streets to get to your inn. Your home for the night is filled with many travelers and locals alike, and the music is calm compared to that of Orlais or Antiva. The stories of the Wardens are entertaining to be sure, but you find yourself more interested in the stories of mabari war hounds and their inspiring loyalty. Perhaps during your travels you’ll find one to accompany you.

Nevarra: The sweat drips off your brow as you walk the Imperial Highway through the Silent Plains. You think you’ve never seen so much sand in your life, and praise the gods when Nevarra City can be seen on the horizon. Tombs litter the land, and while they are a sight to behold, you have an uneasy stomach seeing so many grave markers. Once you arrive in the capital, you hear folk speak of the Pentaghast Dragon Slayers, though you can scarcely imagine such great beasts ever roaming Thedas.

Tevinter Imperium: Magic sizzles in the air of Tevinter, and you aren’t sure whether that’s a good sign. This land has stood the test of time, and its history is around every corner. The soldiers patrol the streets in dark armor and the nobles walk in equally dark, albeit more expensive, dress and you find an attractive comparison of their clothing to the architecture of the Imperium itself.

Rivain: The warm waters of Rivain wash over your feet as you look towards the setting sun. Then, the smell of well cooked food fills your senses and you decide to wander into town to find the source. There are as many Elves and Qunari as there are humans here, and you enjoy the sight of harmony between these cultures. Many of the humans have elegant tattoos painted over their bodies and you think that perhaps you’ll get yourself a decoration before you leave.

The Thaigs: You find yourself in awe of the Kingdom the dwarves have created. The houses and shops are carefully carves out of stone, and the source of light are the large lakes of lava that pool all over the kingdom. There are whispers of untouched riches in long abandoned Thaigs, but you know the darkspawn have long since claimed the Deep Roads as their own. Perhaps it’s better if you find a nice tavern to drink in, after all, you’ve heard the drinks are unlike any other.

Free Marches: The fresh, hot, air of the Marches reflects the nature of her cities. However, the cities seem to be celebrating something called the Grand Tourney with no regard to the heat. Many participants are trying their hand in the Tourney, hoping to be crowned Champion of the Games. You’ve heard that many a champion has risen from these free cities and you wonder if you might run into them.

Anderfels: Sweat drips down your spine, and you wonder what gods cursed this land to be so hot. With it’s harsh climate, and ever present Darkspawn, it’s no surprise that the legendary warriors known as the Grey Wardens formed here. The streets are not as lively as the many other kingdoms of Thedas and what grand landmarks you see usually belong to the Wardens. You are curious to know if these Wardens are hiding the last griffon… Only one way to find out.

Seheron: Seheron’s history is as dense as its jungles, which is saying quite a lot after the journey you’ve taken to get here. However, you’re more interested in the tales of heroes and griffons that originate here, rather than what the Tevinters and Qunari get up to. The whispers of Fog Warriors peaks your interest, as it is said they can best even the strongest of Qunari. You decide that you will seek out these warriors, even knowing that they will only show themselves if they wish to be found.

In Circles
Darren Korb (Vocals: Ashley Barrett)

We All Become
Darren Korb feat. Ashley Barrett

When you speak I hear silence
Every word a defiance
I can hear, oh, I can hear

Think I’ll go where it suits me
Moving out to the country
With everyone, oh, everyone,
Before we all become one

Tell yourself that you’re lucky
Lying down never struck me
As something fun, oh, any fun

Stabbing pain for the feeling
Now your wound’s never healing
'Til you mumble, “Is it bad?”
Before we all become one

Oh we all, we all become one

Start breathing
Start leaving
Before we all become one

Oh we all, we all become…


"Anaconda" - Nicki Minaj 

Choreography by: Jeffrey Caluag & Dimitri Mendez


L O A D I N G …

A mix that contains over 100 video game songs/instrumentals. (Don’t worry they’re not all just PS3 games). Over 6 hours of video-game-goodness! I hope you enjoy it uwu





I wasn’t able to draw at the time the Pacific Rim sequel was announced, so to compensate, I animated all the drift compatibles dancing horribly in celebration of the upcOMING ANIMATED SERIES 8V