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Lights. Action. Bass drum. Mind-numbing. One hundred twenty-four beats per. Twice the speed of a beating heart.

—- a synthpop mix for the assassin runaway, drunk on the neon rain of the city (x).

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L I S T E N ~ Tunes picked up on the Normandy’s radio, and a little of Joker’s personal picks for the team.

(Also known as Joker’s soundtrack for saving the galaxy.)

Gustavo Santaolalla

Home - The Last of Us

(you should know you’re his) favourite worst nightmare

↳ an athos/milady musketeers fanmix - [listen]

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Viva La Union

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Take What's Ours!
Brian Tyler


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag OST

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The Last of Us
Gustavo Santaolalla


The Last of Us - Gustavo Santaolalla

Leaving Earth + An End for Once and for All


Leaving Earth mixed with An End for Once and for All from the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack. 


SOME CALL IT RECKLESS, I CALL IT BREATHING: for the girl born on earth, the rebel raiding the streets alongside the Tenth Street Reds. For the bony redhead with the bleeding heart just trying her damnedest to survive; the teenager with the good intentions and dubious methods. For the orphan on the brink of finding a family. The honest criminal about to become a legend. » listen

1. tornado - jónsi 2. teen angst - m83 3. dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts - wolf parade 4. short change hero - the heavy 5. exile vilify - the national 6. mind ur manners - patients 7. homewrecked - empires 8. walk the fleet road - editors 9. accidental light - sleeping at last 10. that home - cinematic orchestra