Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2014 - D.GNAK

Japchae [잡채] : mixed dish of boiled bean threads, stir-fried vegetables and shredded meat 


different types of korean street food ( ´`)


“When I was in Seoul last, a reporter told me that I was an 엄친아 [umchina], which is a combination of three words, ‘mother’s friend’s son.’  And that was a great compliment; it would mean that you were desirable to women.  I said in the English translation that would mean the opposite, I think.”

— John Cho on interesting words


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Virtual supermarkets are popping up in subway stations in South Korea, where commuters can virtually shop for items while waiting for the train to come. Customers simply scan an item’s QR code using the free “Homeplus” app and can have it delivered to their doorstep before they even get home. Ranked as the 2nd most hard-working country in the world to Japan, South Korea is rewarding its workers with this timesaving gem.

Wow! I kinda love this idea.

literally the future


‘The Power of Hobutt’ | GOV ‘Breaking chopsticks with the butt’ game!!

IDK how many of you are into kpop, but here’s a guy breaking chopsticks with his ass.


The clock never started! So Heidemann had more than one second to land the winning touch. At the very least, whether she landed it in time was highly in doubt. The match should have continued into another round, but instead Shin was declared the loser. So South Korea’s coach went to the judges.

Despite the clock issue, they ruled that the touch was good and that Heidemann was the victor. South Korea’s coach went off to file a formal appeal.

And Shin A Lam, now in tears, refused to live the piste (the platform that they fence on). In fencing, leaving the piste means that you have officially accepted the judges’ ruling. And seeing as the clock didn’t start, and she should still have a shot at gold, she sat down. It’s the filibuster of fencing.

Today’s most depressing Olympic event

London 2012: Republic of Korea 


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Hanbok Lynn 2012 Collection