happy June 7th Karl don’t do that Urban.



This is why we love you so much, Karl.


why do they let you go anywhere or do anything??????


{So we got to have Nimoy on the big screen via Skype and obviously…. Karl happened.}



Fucking Karl goes on stage to ask the dorkiest question he could possibly come up with.

Goes something like: “So Mr. Nimoy, out of any of the new Star Trek cast, who did you prefer? Of course you can’t name Zach ‘cuz that would sound a little too narcassistic……..” He looked at the screen with the most ‘innocent’ face ever and added “Sir.”

Nimoy was like cracking and asked: “Where did he come from!?”

It was so funny and so adorable how you could see Karl’s eyes shine up like the kid inside of jim…. Wow.

Karl Urban + Microphones. Salt Lake City Comic Con

I love that reboot of Battlestar Galactica… It was funny - I was on the plane coming here to Salt Lake, and I’m, like, marathoning BSG, and I get an e-mail, and it’s from Aaron Douglas, and he goes ‘are you two rows in front of me, watching my show?’

- Karl Urban fanboys Battlestar Galactica [x] (via steamedporkbun)

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