I’ve got different coloured eyes than DeForest..


Almost Human gag reel


the Almost Human gag reel is a gift to humanity and makes me weep for the show we could have had

I wish I knew how to gif because Michael Ealy does this jaunty little kickstep towards the end and it’s hilarious

happy June 7th Karl don’t do that Urban.



This is why we love you so much, Karl.


why do they let you go anywhere or do anything??????


{So we got to have Nimoy on the big screen via Skype and obviously…. Karl happened.}



Fucking Karl goes on stage to ask the dorkiest question he could possibly come up with.

Goes something like: “So Mr. Nimoy, out of any of the new Star Trek cast, who did you prefer? Of course you can’t name Zach ‘cuz that would sound a little too narcassistic……..” He looked at the screen with the most ‘innocent’ face ever and added “Sir.”

Nimoy was like cracking and asked: “Where did he come from!?”

It was so funny and so adorable how you could see Karl’s eyes shine up like the kid inside of jim…. Wow.

Karl Urban + Microphones. Salt Lake City Comic Con

I love that reboot of Battlestar Galactica… It was funny - I was on the plane coming here to Salt Lake, and I’m, like, marathoning BSG, and I get an e-mail, and it’s from Aaron Douglas, and he goes ‘are you two rows in front of me, watching my show?’

- Karl Urban fanboys Battlestar Galactica [x] (via steamedporkbun)

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