Chris Pine + kissing (1/?) Small Town Saturday Night


au where tony is a really avant garde michilen star chef who does crazy shit with LIQUID NITROGEN and FOAMS and MENTAL TASTE COMBINATIONS and steve is a classically trained chef who has turned his back on the snobbery of the classical kitchen to make food affordable and bruce is one of those guys who seems super quiet but once he’s in the kitchen he shouts at you in french and throws pans everywhere and shit and shield is a really weird high concept restaurant where like all the food is served in the dark and the menu is a secret and natasha and clint probably COOK IT IN THE DARK TOO and obviously thor is making BIG BOLD TRENDY NORWEIGAN FUSION FOOD NEW KID ON THE BLOCK OOH

and they all unite against loki who is an overly critical food critic I guess

Chris Pine at CinemaCon - April 15, 2013 in Las Vegas




Karl Urban (photograph by Craig Owen 2004)