the musketeers but like if they did space stuff


in most of the modern AUs i see everyone is made human and i???? I DONT WANT THAT!!! i want modern fantasy where pretty much everything is the way it is in the real world but with mages and elves and qunari and dwarves and everyones just living everyday life


MCU/Mass Effect crossover in which Bucky gets spaced during the Collector attack and comes back as a Cerberus assassin

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an old sketch i did of musketeer!kirk and musketeer!bones. when i attempted to give jim a ponytail, he ended up looking like a guybrush threepwood orz


Some modern Portamis

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star trek au where bones brings jim back to georgia for christmas&new year and jim somehow manages to make him breakfast.

 yeah and happy new year to you too bones.” 


Pentecost Shatterdome, Dirty Work Division: Mori, Becket & Hansen jr

(seriously, do not try to fuck the whelps. you don't wanna get in that mess.)

a vaguely organized crime-/spy-ish pacific rim au where the kaiju are still an alien species but not big like city blocks (inspired by this).


star trek/treasure planet au god help me

jim/bones + archer