I had some amazing actors to work with. They were just so supportive, as you know. Pana was always like a free spirit on set, but in this he was just there for me in a way he’d just never been before. He was so passionate. And that goes for Dan— Dan, you know, he was falling apart.

- Liam McIntyre on Spartacus’ death scene, in the episode commentary for 3x10 ‘Victory.’ (via fuckyeahpanahemataylor)

"I studied for six months. I realized that it wasn’t for me. I hated standing in a room and studying. I was very energetic. I probably had ADHD when I was a kid. I auditioned for the acting school in Brisbane and got in and I haven’t really looked back. There is no plan B. I kind of think if there was a plan B, it’s your way of telling yourself that you might not succeed. I just don’t want to have that attitude. So, it’s either this or nothing.


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“They said, “No, we’re going to go for this, we’re going to be true, and we’re going to throw ourselves into this as wholeheartedly as we can.” They just went for it, and I thought it was so beautiful. I have a part where I shuffle my foot as I walk in to indicate that I’m there, and then they look up and see me. Well, on the first take we did it, everything was fine, and then I have this epiphany. So, the scene starts, and they start making out—making out hot and heavy, looking hot as hell—as you could tell, since that was the take that was used—and I very quietly tiptoe in. I think they made out for an extra 45 seconds to a minute. (laughter)

Finally, they think, “You know, this is going on for a really long time.” So Dan looks up and he sees that I’m there, and so I smile with a genuine, “Ha ha, got you,” and so the entire scene afterward with the two of them was the genuine giggles with the two of them being embarrassed and caught. It was such a beautiful scene and a lot of fun to do. I bought them a six-pack afterwards, but they were so good about it. The way they embrace their roles is just beautiful because they have no prejudice towards it, and that’s great.”

Katrina Law on filming the scene from 2x08 [x]


Dan Feuerriegel and Pana Hema Taylor, shipping Nagron harder than you.


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