1) State your URL and where you live.
2) When did you first start playing Dragon Age?
3) Console or PC?
4) Which Origin did you play first?
5) Tell us about your first Warden.
6) Did you romance someone in Origins? What was your favourite part of the romance?
7) What was the hardest quest for you in Origins? What made you want to rage quit?
8) Carver or Bethany?
9) Did you stay with the default Hawkes or went custom? Tell us about your Hawke if so.
10) Favourite DA2 romance and why? If you didn’t romance anyone, tell us who your Hawke got along with best.
11) What is your favourite quest in DA2?
12) What are you most looking forward to in Inquisition?
13) Out of the announced romances, who are you most looking forward to romancing?
14) What race of Inquisitor are you planning to play as first?
15) Tell us about the Inquisitor you have in mind. What do they look like? Name some of their daily habits.
16) What do you expect to happen in Inquisition?
17) Explain your silliest headcanon for anyone in the series.
18) If you had to pick one of the companions to live with as a roommate, who would it be and why?
19) Who are you most looking forward to seeing from Origins in Inquisition?
20) Say anything you want to end your post!

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I’ve never even played Mass Effect and I love this.

I have been trying to find this again for so long…




Oh, ho? That sounds rather saucy. We’ll have to discuss my punishment later on, I see.

Iron Bull & Sera Banter
Seriously, it's not a song.

From the new video



Nate: Hey. Now whaddya bet THAT will take us right into the boiler room?

Flynn: And from there, we’re in.

Nate: [laughs] In Like Flynn, right?

Flynn: What?

Nate: In Like Flynn.

Flynn: …I don’t get it.

Nate: Just give me a boost. 

Dragon Age- Inquisition (Live Orchestra) Music from E3


The track played at the EA Press Conference, minus the crowd cheers. Download

Into the Light (Extended)

Pacific Rim theme song



The official ‘Orlesian Ball’ theme from the Dragon Age: Inquisition soundtrack was released! 

Isnt it great? Trevor Morris is the best.