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ferpykins: What's your favorite thing someone else drew?



definitely this

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this is the most romantic thing i’ve seen all day

No shit. That tom cat was like:

"This thorn invested wall means nothing."

"I will gladly walk on it a thousand times over, if that means I could be with you, my lady."

and the lady cat was all:

"My brave darling."


Suddenly my muse insisted me to draw the personification version of the last pic, and who am I to reject inspiration when it comes so willingly to me? At least this will help with the artblock issue I currently have to deal with.

Russian imperial era inspired because hot damn.

Note: I tried google reverse image (and other reverse image search engines) those photos and came up with nothing. I wish I knew the original photographer because I want to love hug him/her so hard for capturing such inspiring moments.



Casual reminder that in one of Leonardo da Vinci’s many notebooks containing innumerable artistic and scientific sketches and notes of incomprehensible importance, there is a sketch of two penises with legs and tails walking towards a crudely drawn anus.

The sketch was most likely done by Leonardo’s apprentice Salai, who was not only very likely one of Leonardo’s lovers, but who was also infamously mischievous. Better yet, the anus is literally labeled “Salai.”

So either Salai drew these while Leonardo wasn’t looking just to annoy his boyfriend, or Leonardo himself put actual time and energy into drawing these. Either way, the human race is truly blessed to have made such a discovery.

There are dick drawings like the ones you see on desks in school in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks. Please cherish this information.

In the midst of exploring Renaissance Italy history for reasons, I have found a wonder.


Beautiful The Little Prince illustrations by korean illustrator KIm Min Ji for her remake of the book.

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Datura: Witch Armor


Think I’m done this other than some minor tweaking after I have crit on thursday. I enjoyed doing this one a lot.

Edit: just realized I had flux on when I was color correcting, so I fixed that.


a little love story about mermaids and tattoos


About 8House

Teasing our project just a bit, following these recent 8house announcements at SDCC.

8House: Mirror happens in a terraformed satellite, an isolated colony growing around a landed lab-starship as if it were a cathedral. In this safe haven, magicians and scientists of the House of Healers experiment with the local fauna to create man/animal ‘hybrids’, obtaining insight to utilize in a desperate cosmic war and win political favour. But a growing community of hybrids want nothing to do with war or politics, and especially not with their patronizing humans creators; only to live on their own, as they are.

Here are some characters below:


It will be basically written by me and drawn by Hwei Lim, but for five pages per issue in which we will exchange roles, I will draw and Hwei will write, to show more intimate scenes and give a deeper insight about the characters.

8House is a shared universe to be developed by several creators and published by Image Comics. A sci-fantasy playground with some premises in common, that will be explained through independent stories and teams.

Marian Churchland, Claire Gibson and Sloane Leong have just announced their new flamboyant From Under Mountains at SDCC.

Brandon talked in tumblr yesterday about what this 8house world was all about. Giving some details about Kiem, in which he works with Xurxo Penalta, and Arclight, with Marian.

And also explained  our current situation, yup, we are all at it.

We are enjoying the hell out of this thing, hope you like it when it comes out.