About 8House

Teasing our project just a bit, following these recent 8house announcements at SDCC.

8House: Mirror happens in a terraformed satellite, an isolated colony growing around a landed lab-starship as if it were a cathedral. In this safe haven, magicians and scientists of the House of Healers experiment with the local fauna to create man/animal ‘hybrids’, obtaining insight to utilize in a desperate cosmic war and win political favour. But a growing community of hybrids want nothing to do with war or politics, and especially not with their patronizing humans creators; only to live on their own, as they are.

Here are some characters below:


It will be basically written by me and drawn by Hwei Lim, but for five pages per issue in which we will exchange roles, I will draw and Hwei will write, to show more intimate scenes and give a deeper insight about the characters.

8House is a shared universe to be developed by several creators and published by Image Comics. A sci-fantasy playground with some premises in common, that will be explained through independent stories and teams.

Marian Churchland, Claire Gibson and Sloane Leong have just announced their new flamboyant From Under Mountains at SDCC.

Brandon talked in tumblr yesterday about what this 8house world was all about. Giving some details about Kiem, in which he works with Xurxo Penalta, and Arclight, with Marian.

And also explained  our current situation, yup, we are all at it.

We are enjoying the hell out of this thing, hope you like it when it comes out.


Liu Maochan - a Chinese painter with a touch of French impressionism à la Monmartre. Gorgeous.


art in video games

dragon age: inquisition + leonardo da vinci



hold me

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some classy fellows


art in video games

bioshock infinite + édouard manet



Young centaur getting used tries to get used to to a saddle bawawa

They have no names or anything I just baww this is a nice thing


Stills & artworks of “Bang Bang !” french animated short-film directed by Julien Bisaro (Ernest & Celestine).

Credits || Nareku



“And I ask this of you now,” said He who was Death, “come with Me to the NetherRealm, walk before Me in the places of annihilation, become My servant, My companion, My beloved. And in return I will release all those you love from bondage.”

From my short story The Harbinger, about seventeen-year-old Leaf “the unlucky”, who strikes a bargain with Death - to spare the lives of his ailing family and kingdom in exchange for 100,000,000 years of servitude as Death’s dealer.  Free shipping and $5 off on prints etc for a limited time only