Varric Tethras x F!Inquisitors of All Shapes & Sizes (✿◠‿◠) 


i want realistic modern fantasy like

someone finding a dragon egg and livetweeting the process of trying to hatch it (with no prior knowledge on how a dragon egg should be hatched)

a guy selling an enchanted sword on craigslist

a tattoo artist who does spell runes but for really mundane stuff like conjuring a bound demonic pen or for summoning your keys

summoning a demon for the vine

selfies with mermaids

prank calling wizards

Raleigh Becket + Scars

star trek xi au > zombie apocalypse au
Bones, run.

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  • Lucy Liu as Sherlock Holmes
  • Jonny Lee Miller as John Watson
believe me to be, my dear Watson 
Very sincerely yours.

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au meme » s p i e s - joan the spy is hired to seduce info out of sherlock the spy. he’s obviously totally in love with her at first sight and at some point she falls for him too.


You can actually see the entire series [Here] 


what’s the one culturally-saturated narrative trope that you kind of really incredibly hate and how would you subvert it and make it new and delightful

Anna said she hates the girl vs. girl fighting-over-a-boy trope, and I definitely agree, but I want to pick just a piece of that, specifically the idea that the narrative arc isn’t over until the girl who is mean / ambitious / manipulative / pushy / confident / promiscuous / independent is suitably punished for her sins. I love vicious girls, and I think we ought to celebrate them more. Tell a thousand stories about girls who murder for power, girls who kick hard-working deserving men out of the way for their own gain, girls who refuse to be cowed or beaten, girls who like their hands best when they’re bloody — or, conversely, girls who are super into delegating the dirty work to their devotees.

Sirens who lure ships onto the rocks. Medusa who turns men into stone. Female tricksters, female destroyers, ladies who want to sweep nice’s knees out from under it and kick it til it’s spitting blood. Yes. Yes. Women who like sex and have as much of it as they please. Women who don’t like sex and are never made to have it when they don’t fucking feel like it. Women who enact excellent vengeance and feel fantastic about it after. Women who are cruel for the greater good. Women who steal other people’s lovers. Women who want what they cannot or should not have and find a way to take it anyway. Women who go forth in honest battle and win. Women who stab their enemies in the back or use poison. Women who steal things.

Self-serving women. Straight women, queer women, asexual and/or aromantic women. (Tell me about all the women who don’t need or want to fall in love. Also tell me about the women who do, but don’t let that stop them from making planets explode.) Cis women, trans women, people who are women sometimes but then sometimes not, people who don’t know what they are. Women in heels, women in combat boots, women in ballet slippers, barefoot women. WOMEN OF COLOR. Women with tattoos and piercings and scars. Fat women. Thin women.



there are 206 bones in your body


want another