Tom’s expression after hearing the entire sentence. Notice how it completely changed.


A List of People That Make Me Question My Existence

Chris Evans

from age is an irrational number (requested by jar-vis)

Renner grew up with a pygmy goat named Sugar. He’s the oldest kid, with four siblings who range in age from 37 years to 4 months. He and his best friend (the actor Kristoffer Winters, whom he also confusingly refers to as “my brother”) run a successful side business renovating houses. Sometimes he lives in the houses during construction, often without such bourgie comforts as electricity and indoor plumbing. Disciplines he’s studied include but are not limited to: world religion, sociology, criminology, Filipino stick fighting, and Muay Thai martial arts. Previous professions: ski instructor, professional makeup artist. He has taught himself to be unafraid of sharks. He has dined with Colin Powell and has regularly basked in the praise of such luminaries as Sean Penn—but about the only time he’s found himself starstruck was when he met Cesar Millan, TV’s Dog Whisperer. He is, by turns, cut-the-bullshit intense and just-fucking-with-you funny. He’s religiously unsentimental (“I don’t give a shit about the past”) and unabashedly devoted to his cream-colored miniature French bulldog, Franklin.

I’m not saying the dude is weird. I’m saying he contains multitudes.

“Jeremy Renner Finally Gets Some Action” by Adam Sachs, Details, December 2011


“You didn’t know  my father. He was cold, calculating, never told me he loved me, didn’t even tell me that he liked me”


‘big man in a suit of armour—take that away and what are you?’ steve asks    # and how do you tell him    # that you don’t think there’s anything else    # ‘genius billionaire playboy philanthropist’ you reply    # but that    # that is armour too