Tony Stark JARVIS

#we are the cartoon heroes #see above re #mostly the people in tony’s life aren’t people #and can i please restate how adorable yet heartbreaking i find it #that tony CREATED A COMPUTER PROGRAM #THAT TALKS BACK TO HIM #and i mean talks back as in sasses #not just responds #but gives him all the shit in the world #is that a self hatred thing? #i’m thinking no #judging by his grin in the last gif #he just likes to have that kind of friend #who will take the piss #and be kind of a bitch #omg i love them #i could always do with more jarvis in my life

Hahaha Tony’s lab in the movies is one of the most brilliantly perfect things I’ve ever seen in a superhero film. It’s mostly invented by the film and involved so much of RDJ improvising, but it just captures the essence of Tony so perfectly! It’s also a really brilliant way to mirror what is going on inside of Tony psychologically.

I’m gonna give you more creys (some of these are real facts, others are headcanons):

- The hotrod in Tony’s lab that’s unfinished, according to the movie novel, is the last project Tony worked on with his father, and that’s why he’s never finished it. He’s eternally just tinkering with it and changing things, but never actually trying to complete the project.

- If you think about it, Jarvis himself is a pretty huge accomplishment of Tony’s. When do you think he created Jarvis? Considering Jarvis seems to be completely used to Tony, and everyone in his life is apparently totally used to Jarvis as well, it seems to me Jarvis has been around for quite some time - but at the same time, nobody else has a Jarvis, and nobody ever talks about Tony Stark’s Incredible Artifical Intelligence Creation. That makes no sense, unless…

- Remember, Tony made the mini Arc Reactor under extreme stress and then afterwards didn’t want to share it with anyone, even though just telling the investors/stock holders about it would have taken a lot of pressure off of Tony’s back. He keeps it to himself, because it’s his baby (I know there are other reasons too, but bear with me) - so Tony keeping incredible accomplishments to himself is not new.

- So, my theory is Tony created Jarvis as his final thesis project at MIT right after his parents died as a way to distract himself. We’ve seen in the past that Tony seems to work best when he’s obsessed with something - he doesn’t do well with assignments/being given instructions.

- This fills the gap between Howard and Maria dying and Tony getting Pepper, Happy and Rhodey to be his surrogate family. True, he had Obidiah, but he and Obidiah obviously have a weird sort of abusive relationship where I feel like Tony is super insecure and has trouble telling if Obidiah sincerely likes him or not - so he tries hard -and fails - to win Obidiah’s affection. He keeps trying, though the efforts get more and more jaded with time, until they’re more habit than anything else (“Why aren’t you wearing the pajamas I got you?”)

- So for years Jarvis was a combination child Tony had to take care of/responsibility to force him to keep going (“If I don’t get out of bed today, who will do (X) for Jarvis? I’m the only one who can take care of Jarvis.”)/eventual nanny and then finally surrogate parent that nags Tony and is a vocal embodiment of the sarcastic, acid voice inside Tony’s head that sounds like his dad and picks apart everything Tony does or says.
And so Jarvis is his baby and is deeply personal and Tony can’t bear to let other people have a Jarvis, so he’s never shared the tech.
Though I imagine Jarvis may have a “brother” over at MIT used purely for research. But that’s just sci-fi speculation and has less to do with Tony’s FEELINGS.

- You know the malfunctioning robot arm thing that Tony is constantly threatening to get rid of, which he calls “dummy”?
Dummy is Tony.
Think about how Tony’s dad treats him in those clips we see in Iron Man 2, getting drunk and shouting at him - the stuff Tony tells us, that his father never even said that he liked him and the obvious unhappy relationship there and Tony’s massive self-esteem and daddy issues. 
So now take everything Tony’s ever said to Dummy, and imagine Howard Stark saying those lines to a young Tony. It’s creepy how well it fits, right? So I think Tony will mock and threaten Dummy till he’s blue in the face, but he would never actually get rid of him or fix him no matter how much of a mess Dummy makes, or how much Dummy screws up. He loves Dummy, perhaps even more because Dummy is a screw-up (like him). What he says to Dummy is how he thinks about himself.

Okay I’ll stop now lmao.

TL;DR the movies are the best thing to ever happen to the Iron Man franchise, and Tony Stark cannot deal with 3D Pig Disgusting Humans so he had to build himself friends when he was a young, extremely depressed man. And then slowly over time he started to collect flesh and blood friends and he came out of his room more often.
But a lot of the time he still goes back to his room and locks himself in and plays Led Zeppelin really loud and talks to his mechanical friends who he knows and trusts and who he can mess up with but they won’t mind and will never leave him. 

i don’t know who you are or what i did to make you hate me but I AM SORRY OKAY I AM SO SORRY oh my god plaesdl;fkh dgstop

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