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assassin’s creed favorite concept art series;

'Orphan Black' allows for people to have debates and theories and allegiances to different characters - to trust characters and hate other characters - but it doesn't tell you who is good or bad or right or wrong. That's the most exciting storytelling, in my book.

- Tatiana Maslany (via ellienation)

Favorite female video game characters » Lara Croft



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Your words have never left me
They’re the prayer that I say every day


He has taken over

sparkle and shine

                                        like the inside



Human female Inquisitor in DA:I CC. She’s stunning! Eyeliner color, eyeliner intensity, blush color, blush intensity, lip color, lip color intensity, lip liner color and lip shine are only some of the CC options under “Makeup”. Looks like we can select colors from the full spectrum as well. There also appears to be a test voice option.

This is some of what we’ll stream from Dragon Age on Monday 10 AM PDT on " from Aaryn Flynn on Twitter.


yes! equal opportunity makeup options!