You have to know that Mako Mori’s internal monologue is the greatest thing on the planet.

Elementary: Schedule for the rest of Season 2


April 2014

- Apr 03:  2x19 The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville  (Clyde)
- Apr 10:  2x20 No Lack of Void  (Roger Rees, Garret Dillahunt)
- Apr 17:  NCIS
- Apr 24:  2x21 The Man with the Twisted Lip  (Candis Cayne, Rhys Ifans)

May 2014

- May 01:  2x22 Paint It Black  (Director: Lucy Liu!)
- May 08:  2x23 Art in the Blood  (Emily Bergl)
- May 15:  2x24


If it were up to Shep, she and Garrus would adopt every Varren in the galaxy


someone write me this fic

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Trying to get over a massive art block… In the meantime here’s S/B I drew for the lovely orionsnacks awhile back <3

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ilana wexler | season one