so bioware apparently wants the DA:I players to never see sunlight again




The new gameplay area we’re being shown on the Twitch livestream is Valammar, an area of the Deep Roads! We can see the quest “Deep Trouble”: “seek out and eliminate the Carta leader in Valammar”. Apparently nugs always hang around the entrance. Areas of this place include the Upper Terrace and the Hall of the Elders.

You can send NPCs flying off high ledges (they’ll die). If you fall off you’ll reset and appear back at the ground at the top.

There’s a grenade you can throw to heal your party and a grenade which you can use to revive.

Warriors can build up a “guard” stat which acts like a bar of health. This moves gameplay away from mages using healspam to free up mages for crowd control/damage, and means warriors are in part responsible for protecting themselves.

In the Hinterlands someone asks you to build guard towers to protect a village.

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More info on the CC from the Twitch livestream:

- Qunari have a range of skintones including shades of gray and bronze tones.

- For Qunari hair + horns is one slider.

- Horn size is not a slider.

- Hornless, horn stumps, asymmetrical (one broken, one unbroken) horns are all options

- Qunari wear a Qunari-specific warpaint instead of helmets. This paint is toxic to other species

- Scar intensity is an option

- The CC lighting is essentially (a close approximation) the same lighting used in most cinematics in the game. 

- There is no option to cycle through different lightings in CC

- No option to edit your character mid-game like the Mirror in DA2 but they are considering it, may be implemented post-launch

- 62 categories (a category being something like “cheekbones”), billions of combinations

- Eyelash style is an option

[watch it here]




I heard a bit of standard party banter - the Elementalist began a bar joke along the lines of ‘An elf, a dwarf and qunari walk into the bar’ and the the Reaver cut him off with ‘And then they all died, now shutup.’ Their personalities are quite distinctive and it’s interesting to see how they react to each other. […] All characters have comments they’ll make to themselves when idle which also reflects their personality - one of the Reaver’s was ‘Is anyone else worried that we’re about to be ambushed?’

- Lots of great info about Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer on this Reddit thread. Loved this glimpse into the characters.

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porthos + aramisfriends and enemies

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Images from this panel at EGX:

Panel: Dragon Age: Preparing for the Impending Inquisition with panelists Mark Darrah, Mike Laidlaw, David Gaider, Cameron Lee, Matt Rhodes, and Conal Pierse.”

The Inquisition


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