none of you are subtle (aka ot4 ship combos)
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radiophile: your musketeers novel/series recaps are my favorite fucking thing to ever come out of this fandom and i can't thank you enough for making them. like i quote them to my friends and read them out loud to my roommate when i'm not trying not to get fired by bursting out laughing in the middle of the office. you can publish this if you want or keep it private, whichever! i just had to thank you for your fine work!!! uvu


omg omg thank u!!! *covers blush with hands* i can’t believe you read them out loud, that’s what i do with funny things and the fact that you’re doing that with MY THINGS???? blows my mind

this fandom is honestly the most warm and wonderful family, i love you all omg i haven’t even watched the full series yet and everyone is so welcoming




The thing that hurts me the most about Sirius and Harry is that when they looked at each other they were both hoping to see James


You will address me as Captain or Ma’am by Ryoko-demon


aramis’ backstory is male tears: the prologue

he’s all set to be a man of the cloth and he’s on his last visit to his fav brothel when some dude insults him and aramis is too much of a noob to respond; he just stands there tongue tied

ten minutes later he’s like DAMMIT I JUST THOUGHT OF THE BEST COMEBACK

so he puts off his vows, learns how to sword, and tracks down the guy

and it’s a year later so the guy’s like …who the what now? and aramis is all THE PRIEST IN THE BROTHEL WITH THE BOOK and then he kills him

then it gets around tht aramis killed a guy and he skulks around for a while AND THAT’S HOW HE MET ATHOS AND PORTHOS shunned by society after killing a guy

it’s less “aw” and more “..uh”

anyway as long as aramis can kill guys and fuck ladies he keeps putting off his vows i mean idk man but u sound like my cousin who says he’ll join his dad’s investment firm as soon as he quits his ultimate frisbee league


lesbian pirates be like scissor me timbers


believe in heroes. [x]