"From Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of Dragon Age: Inquisition

I’m writing to let you know that Dragon Age: Inquisition has a new release date of November 18, 2014 in North America (November 21st in EU). We appreciate the enormous support we’ve received from all of you to get to this point, and while this extra few weeks may not seem like a lot, I know the game you’ll play will be all the better for it.

Since we began working on Dragon Age: Inquisition almost four years ago, our goal was to create the best Dragon Age experience ever. It was that goal that motivated many of our decisions: moving to Frostbite, bringing race choice and customization back, improving tactical camera, building a team of characters whose relationships evolve based on your actions, and most importantly, crafting an epic, nation-spanning story that both draws upon past games and takes you to many new places in the realm of Thedas.

I’m privileged to be a part of a team that has been working very hard to surpass every measure they’ve set for themselves. That has meant completing huge amounts of game content, fixing bugs both big and small, and improving the overall experience. This last bit of time is about polishing the experience we want you to see. Ensuring that our open spaces are as engaging as possible. Strengthening the emotional impact of the Hero’s choices. And ensuring the experience you get is the best it can be in the platform you choose to play on.

Thank you again for your patience and support!




Chloe Frazer & Nathan Drake

raggedyezio asked: edward kenway or connor kenway

Stand together.


Isabela’s hair floofing up after it rains.. -‿-





have i mentioned yet how annoying it is when ppl don’t use cumberbatch’s actual name b/c then it doesn’t get caught by tumblr savior

Is Tumblr Savior open source? Because we could extend it for regexes.

b[A-Z,a-z]{5,} c[A-Z,a-z]{5,}

Would catch most of them, and if it doesn’t, you could shame them for using combination where the words are fewer than three syllables (or use some really weird syllables that are mostly all different enunciated vowels)

i don’t know about tumblr savior but xkit’s blacklist is. someone should do this

this level of hate is inspiring


Tharkay in #15

I find this quote reflects Tharkay’s issues with upper-class society pretty well, which makes his snarky banter with Laurence (who is like the poster child of being a proper gentlemen) all the better.


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Altaïr finally confessed his love to Malik’s leg.

You go man.

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