Enslaved: Odyssey to the West scenery porn

If I am lost to the Maker for refusing to hate someone, for finding beauty in the “other”…well, perhaps the Maker is the one who is not worthy of me.

- Saemus Dumar (via dragon-age-quotes)


Team Thirsty is damn impressed with the gun show!

Don’t stop, Varric honhonhon


Inspired by these beauties. Hot diggity dang, can’t wait to get my artbook copy.

But first…bedtime T_T

Nate watching Elena


kool married life


can I just say that I am so happy Cole seems to hang out in Skyhold’s tavern.

he isn’t in the dungeon, he isn’t lurking under the stairs, he’s not in the corner of some quiet room which is in a state of disrepair, he’s not creeping in the basement

think about the poor lost kid he used to be like, living in the dark bowels of the White Spire, alone, never going outside, reacting to people like a wary animal, afraid

now he spends his time in the warmth and clamour of a populated tavern. yeah he’s quietly in the background, people-watching, but he’s there, there with people and noise and merriment and singing and light




Ohhhh my.